FAQ and Support


How do I get set up with your AMC?

To start placing orders, we will need to setup your Company with USER ID's. This will allow you to:

  • Place Orders
  • Track Orders
  • Request Revisions
  • Receive Status Updates

Please use our Sign-Up Portal on the Login Page, or contact to get set up!

How do I login to the system?

To login:

  • Step 1: Click the Login Tab in the Upper Menu
  • Step 2: Click the Login Button associated with your Relationship to AVS
  • Enter your username and password
I don't agree with the Appraiser's Value! How do I dispute this?

All appraisal disputes must be addressed using a "Reconsideration of Value" form. Please contact your Lender/Client Representative or email to obtain our form.

Can I add appraisers to my panel?

Please request that the appraiser visit our website at and sign up as a New Appraiser. We will place the appraiser through our vetting process. Please note, in an effort to prevent any potential AIR violation, we cannot take your vendor recommendation for specific orders. However, once approved, the appraiser will be added to the rotation with the existing panel for future orders in which they meet the criteria.

Does your appraisal management company offer Commercial appraisals?

Unfortunately, no. We do not currently offer commercial appraisals.

How long does it take to fulfill an order?

Our standard SLA is 7 business days. Rural, complex or high volume markets are subject to extended turn-times.

Do you have a system in place to ensure that work performed by independent appraisers complies with USPAP standards?

Yes! Our quality control staff is highly trained to USPAP standards and are required to go through an in-house USPAP training course. In addition, our QC process includes a spot-check random review, by a CERTIFIED appraiser on our staff to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Do you offer your Appraisal Management Services Nationwide?

Yes! We cover anywhere in the US!

How do I signup with your AMC and setup my profile to start receiving orders?

Very Easily!

Once completed, you will be contacted by someone in our Vendor Management Department if we have a need in your particular market.

How do I become a Go2 Appraiser?

Please contact AVS by emailing for more information.

Do you do business in my state?

Yes! We do business in all 50 States!

What are your fees and turn time for payment?

Appraiser fees and turn time will vary by market. Please contact AVS by emailing for more information.

How do I refer an appraiser to you?

If you would like to refer an appraiser that is known to provide good quality and TAT, please have the appraiser contact us via the AVS website at and have them click "Sign Up".

Having Issues with OMS?

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